Why we need to learn how to process our emotions

Of all the things we're taught in school - you'd think they'd teach us how to handle our emotions. But they don't...

So instead we spend our lives:

  • Resisting emotions - (trying to shove them down and pretend they're not there)

  • Avoiding emotions - (binge watching Netflix or downing a bottle of wine)

  • Reacting to our emotions - (slamming doors, sending messages we later regret, or raising our voices)

We do these things because we believe actually feeling the emotion is going to be terrible. And we're taught to avoid our negative emotions at all costs. 

But a negative emotion is just a vibration in your body. It's a sensation. It's a churning in your stomach, a tingling in your arms, a tightness in your chest...

It doesn't need to be avoided or pushed away. And in fact, resisting and avoiding our emotions make them come back 10 times stronger. Like holding a beach ball under water, it'll pop back up with force.

Did you know, without resisting it, an emotion usually lasts just 90 seconds?

Use this recording to help you learn the difference between resisting and allowing. 

Allowing looks like curiosity.

It looks like inviting the emotion in - because it knows it's allowed to be there. And that nothing has gone wrong. 

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