My names Rebecca Ore and I'm an online life coach living in Manchester. As well as being a certified mind-set management coach, I'm also an NLP and time-line therapy practitioner.  

The human brain has always been a fascination of mine and I’ve spent years burying my head in piles of self-help books, trying to work out how to manage the overwhelming thoughts rattling around in my mind.

And that’s when I found coaching.

The reason I became a coach is because I’ve seen and experienced the benefit of coaching in my own life, and it’s my dream to share the experience with others who are also struggling.

My goal isn’t to fix your problems or change your mind to magically think differently. My goal is to give you tools that you will be able to use throughout every situation in your life to become the master of your brain.

People often think a life coach is someone who gives you advice and encourages you to change jobs.

That isn’t what mind-set coaching is all about.

Mind-set coaching is looking at what’s going on inside YOUR brain, and analysing what experience that is creating for YOU.


It’s about identifying unhelpful thought patterns that have embedded themselves in your mind and shining a light on them. Once we can see them for what they are, we can then work to change them, and replace them with more helpful thought patterns that will get you the results you really want in life.

What is a life coach?